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MWDF Show!

May, September and/or December
Entries will be LIMITED and ONLINE only.
About The Venue
Camp Claircrest, 17607 E. 191st Street, Pleasant Hill, MO  64080 (signs are posted) for the show!  We recommend you use Camp Claircrest in a GPS system as Google GPS produces a north of Pleasant Hill address, whereas Camp Claircrest is on the WEST side of 291 and ¾ of a mile SOUTH of 58E and 291.

PLEASE NOTE:  All dogs onsite are required by the venue to be up to date with their vaccinations including but not limited to DHLPP, and Parvo.  Bordetella is highly recommend as well. With the recent parvo outbreaks this is more important than ever.  Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination per request by the venue.

Outside Shows:

Pops ups are encouraged for parking and grooming.  Limited amount of electrical may be accessible.  Long extension cords and generators are encouraged.  Rings will be set up north of the agility area with tents and gaiting.  If the ground is dry, parking will be along both sides of the driveway and a parking attendant will be assisting.  Exhibitors will not be allowed to park inside the fenced area.  The Agility Area and Dog Park is off limits to exhibitors.  Please clean up after your dog(s).


Inside Shows:

Expect the rings to be smaller with limited crating inside (small dogs take priority).  No grooming inside the building. Anticipate crating dogs in your vehicles with the exception of small breeds.  The building has limited heat and no air conditioning.  Dress accordingly.  Other buildings may be offered for overflow crating.

MASK may be REQUIRED by the judge and/or the club.  Please be prepared to comply. 

The showsite is available after 5:30pm until 8pm on Friday and until two (2) hours after the completion of Best In Show unless overnight parking is reserved each night.  The buildings and area will close at 8pm and reopen at 7:30am.  Parking will be along the drive on the rocked areas with limited crating inside the fenced area.

Lunch will be offered from 12pm-1:30pm.  We encourage donations of $5 to help continue our hospitality!

Raffle and Silent Auction will be offered!

Anyone deemed to be a problem at other events or activities may not be allowed onsite at this venue.

A photographer will be onsite and photos will be posted.

No refunds or credits will be offered.  No entries will be accepted that are incomplete or lacking payment.

Parking, lunch and amenities are for exhibitors and workers.  Due to limited resources visitors and spectators are discouraged.  Please have access to your entry confirmation at the entrance.  If you want to park inside the fenced area please offer to volunteer!

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